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Apr 19, 2019

Today we celebrate Bicycle day with one of the leading luminaries in consciousness expansion and healing. 

Maestro Hamilton Souther, Owner of Blue Morpho Shamanic Healing center in Iquitos Peru joins me for an epic mind jam, bringing his linguistic squeegee to help decalcify your pineal gland. 

Hamilton Souther holds...

Apr 12, 2019


Niraj Naik is an ex-pharmacist turned holistic health expert. After working for several years as a community pharmacist, Niraj saw firsthand just how ineffective and even damaging pharmaceutical drugs can be. When he found himself a patient of stress-related depression and ulcerative colitis, he embarked on a journey...

Nov 2, 2018

I invited today's guest on the show to talk about CBD and the awesome CBD products from our new sponsor Hemp Bombs. We talk about the struggle of growing up in a cultural bubble, breaking free from indoctrination, forming your own beliefs and how to find work that is in alignment with your values. We get into what...

May 30, 2018

Had a great chat with a great Scotsman, an international friend of Liberty and personal development wizard, the one and only: Antony Sammeroff.  enjoy!

Show Links Below:

Host Of The Be Yourself And Love It Podcast, Life Coach, and Author of the free E-book Procrastination Annihilation 

Visit His Website: 

Apr 18, 2018

Recorded At The Temple Of The Way Of Light In the Peruvian Amazon. Chris sat down with me to talk about his journey as a medicine hunter and his hope for the world. Stick around till the end when Special guest host Debs, The Operations Director for the Temple sits down with Chris to ask a few questions and a wonderful...