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Jan 6, 2021


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Max is an awesome dude. He's one of my best friends. We met 2 years ago on a 4th of July Hikerodose trip in the Colorado Mountains. Max has led Mens groups in Denver, is an avid climber doing mainly bouldering, and has worked in education for the past few years. We always have awesome chats and great hangs. In this talk, we get into what it means to be a man in todays world, what we're lacking, what we need and how we're healing and transforming into the men we want to be. 

Max's coaching consists of mindfulness and grounded tactics to help men bolster self awareness and propel themselves forward in life. Through outdoor experiences, meditation techniques, theta healing, and more he helps men connect to their emotional selves and feel safe in that experience. Trusting that within that emotional space lies a great power. Power that we can use to deepen our personal relationships and our relationship to ourselves. When you begin to honor yourself, you become the witness to all you are capable of.

For more great resources and where to get in touch with Max, find him on under the facilitator collective. invitation to register for a stories of men event.

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