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Nov 21, 2016

asking big questions from mikeadelic headquarters while cars honk their stupid horns out on the street below.

Nov 12, 2016

lets talk about the election results.

Oct 18, 2016

I chat with Jason Bassler, Co-Founder of The Free Thought Project. We talk anarchism, voluntaryism, and agorism. We start off talking about what led Jason to create his website, the strategies they employ to reach millions of people, and the importance of reporting on the stories that the mainstream media doesn't. We...

Oct 7, 2016

Mike Margolies (Psymposia) by Mike Brancatelli


Oct 5, 2016

Sara Gael is the Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator for MAPS and The Director of The Zendo Project. She focuses on bringing psychedelic education and harm reduction to festivals all around the world. She is also a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and non-ordinary states of consciousness with a...