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Oct 26, 2018

Erick Godsey is a Cognitive Psychologist, Psychonaut, self-proclaimed "General do shit when there's shit to be done, dude" at

Erick And I jumped into it right away. Getting into everything from Carl Jung and the universe inside our heads to Robert Anton Wilson's reality tunnels - The myths we live by, the stories we tell and the habits that shape us. We go to a lot of places, but there's a point on the show where Erick and I both share some psychedelic stories and.. well, you'll find out. But I think one of the coolest moments on this show happens about midway through when Erick and I discover that we are indeed living in a simulation. Life is an epic RPG (role player game) and its dope!

I first Heard Erick on The Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Heres a few good episodes to check out featuring Erick:



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