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May 31, 2019



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I had a wonderful conversation with Chi, the founder of Truffles Therapy in Amsterdam. A retreat center holding psilocybin mushroom ceremonies for healing, growth and unleashing your truth.  

Chi has battled addiction, depression, and low self-esteem that couldn't be corrected with the mainstream notion of "modern material success" Even after having achieved great financial success, he was still in a dark place, lost and desperate, Until psychedelics Changed His life. Now he is helping hold space for others searching for the same healing. 

His story is incredible, going from being a big financial success, leaving it behind, traveling around the world, seeking something more, practicing Buddhism, and then finding psychedelics. 

It was after a heroic dose LSD trip that ripped the veil away and showed him the truth. 

Soon after his LSD journey, Chi had his first experience with magic mushrooms, and his life has been transformed ever since.

He has been called by the mushrooms to serve as a humble messenger for the psilocybin vision of love, interconnectedness, and peace.

Chi Serves the mushrooms with an open mind, heart and with the intention of listening, holding space, practicing patience, and being love.

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