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Aug 30, 2019


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Anya is a podcast shaman, and part of the new breed of "authors" who are writing the next chapter for our generation by facing challenges head-on and shedding inauthentic skin to grow to a new level.

 On her podcast, Anya shares openly and honestly about herself and her thoughts, while also interviewing and learning from the revolutionary redesigners working on shaping a future that serves us more in our real humanity and our part in the entirety of the world. 

Anya and I recently met and discovered not only do we have a lot in common but were from the same town. It's always really refreshing finding fellow open, curious journeyers. Anya is a woman on a mission. Her podcast is all about challenging the status quo, taboos, and general bullshit that is so commonly circulating in the cesspool of our headline click bait culture, whipping us all up into a panicked fear-based frenzy. Anya has a unique voice that I think a lot of people could relate to. Her podcast is great and her pod intros are real, raw and wise. Check out her podcast

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