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Mar 15, 2021


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Man, I loved this one. Talking with Jessa was super awesome.
Jessa is effortlessly hilarious, smart, and super tapped in. She is an awesome human alien being. 

Jessa is a hilarious Comedian, and the host of AOD (Awakening Orientation Department). She Is an 8th Dimensional being disguised as a comedian, reluctantly sharing pointers for life in the Matrix.  She is also the host of MATM and Soberish. She's been featured on Comedy Central, This is Not Happening and more. She's a bridge between worlds, a Storyteller, and a Galactic Ambassador to the 3rd Dimension. 

Comedian Jessa Reed became a mom at a young age, has overcome a meth addiction, had a near-death experience, encounters with aliens, and revelations into the reality we exist in. She communicates her tapped in transmissions on her podcast Awakening OD. We get into the nature of the matrix game we exist in, timelines, what reality is, and the coming transformation of a new higher-dimensional existence.I have had some similar experiences as her and we dive right in and get weird right off the bat.


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