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Apr 5, 2019

Michael Phillip is the host of Third Eye Drops. He is a fellow mind surfing conversation slinging, awe junkie, riding the big waves of wonder, mystery, and profundity. Just the kind of person I love chatting with.

Third Eye Drops is a podcast dedicated to exploring the mysteries and majesty of the multiverse. He has excellent guests on every week,  sharing enlightening discussions, insights, epiphanies, and big ideas in what he calls "Mind Melds"

Michael is also a writer. His most recent article is what inspired this conversation. We talk about how to navigate the terrain where we sometimes find ourselves Wading In The Waters With The Woke Wizards Of Woo.

The Article is called: You Are The Answer. Why it’s more important than ever to become your own guru. You can read it here:




My intro goes till 14:20 - The Conversation with Michael starts then.

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