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Jun 24, 2021


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I sit down with good friend and founder of SHEATHUnderwear Robert Patton to learn about the man behind the company. Robert shares his life story and his journey in founding SHEATH. Robert is an amazing guy. In this episode he shares some near before told stories of his experience in the military, the struggles of starting SHEATH and the lessons learned along the way. 

SHEATH Underwear is our longest running sponsor. SHEATH is a passionate, veteran-founded company dedicated to health, fitness and style with a focus on conceptualizing products that will transform people's lives. Sheath has an innovative and revolutionary isolation design that stands unrivaled in terms of comfort, style and functionality in the realm of athletic apparel.

SHEATH Gives back a lot, they are regular donators to the Socks for Soldiers program, give something back as well, so we are turning our efforts more local towards supplying people that can't afford new underwear.

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