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Apr 24, 2017

Robbie Martin is exactly the kind of person I like. He’s a filmmaker, musician, and co-host of Media Roots Radio with his sister, Abby Martin. Most importantly Robbie is able to see through bullshit. He’s able to stay consistent with his views and passionate about what is morally right and wrong with our world today.

We had a great conversation, mostly about subjects he explores in his astonishingly powerful 3 part documentary series ‘A Very Heavy Agenda’

 The Mind blowing trilogy is titled as follows:

Part 1: A Catalyzing event  Part 2: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New Neocons   Part 3: Maintaining the World Order

 We talk about The American Empire that we live in. 9/11, How the war on terror got started, and how our foreign policy has transformed to fit the demands of fighting an idea across the globe. We look at some of the events and key players that have been operating behind the scenes, either in think tanks or writing op-ed pieces, but nonetheless influencing American foreign policy, no matter who sits in the white house. 

The president changes but the war party stays in power.  It's the Neo-cons. Who are they? what do they want? how long have they been in power for? How have they managed to rebrand themselves and remain in power through multiple presidents? and what's next on their agenda?

 Its seems like there's always Bi-partisan support for war. There's always more money and support for foreign interventions and military entailments. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on,  the political and media class of the D.C. /beltway establishment can always agree on more money, more power, more control and domination for the Empire.  We get into all this and more. It’s a great one. enjoy!

Robbie, Under the name Fluorescent Grey, also scores the music for his sisters Abby Martin’s Show The Empire Files.


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