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Mar 1, 2022

My good friend Travis is back on the show to talk about his first experience with the Toad in Oaxaca, Mexico. We Also talk about mega dose mushroom Journeys with Grand Master Baba Kilindi Iy's students, family and friends. Travis talks about the wisdom he's gained from it all, and how it all comes back to "Be Here Now" We also get into why the decriminalization of plant medicines, and sacred earth medicines is important and should happen before some of the other avenues such as the medicalization/ therapy only access model. 

Travis is a good friend of mine. He was the Field Coordinator for Decriminalize Denver, initiative 301 that passed on May 7th 2019. The Law in Denver now states that Psilocybin Mushrooms are decriminalized, allowing for personal grows, possession and consumption, but prohibiting any sales.  Shortly After Travis helped found The Denver Mushroom Cooperative (DMC). The DMC focuses on Cultivating Conscious Community, liberating and empowering individuals through mushroom education, cultivation information and more.



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