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Jun 29, 2017

Meatsuits, Memes, Meditation, Magic and much more. We talk about it all on this Epic Psychedelic Trifecta episode with our 1st guest Cory Allen.

Cory Allen is a meditation teachercomposermastering engineer, and podcast host from Austin, TX.

Each Month Ed Liu and I will be hosting a long free-form conversation with a new guest as we attempt to expand hearts and minds by spreading thoughts and ideas that don't make it to the air as often as we'd like. 


We feel that some of the most interesting, deep and meaty conversations happen between 3 people.  Sometimes I have the best conversations off the mic after I've already recorded and am at the bar talking with the guest, or friend. We would like to try and capture that dynamic energy as much as we can and let you guys sit in with us.  

Hope you enjoy this episode and if you do please leave me a nice 5-star rating and review on iTunes.

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Show Notes & Links:

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