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Jul 23, 2021


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Clint is a medicinal mycologist, experienced in the large-scale commercial cultivation of medicinal and exotic fungi. Educated as a psychologist and working as a counselor, he turned to the field of mycology after experiencing the profound shift from growing and consuming mushrooms in 2009, to explore the profound impacts fungal metabolites have on our physical and mental health.

Fascinated by the potency, and small molecules of fungal origin have on the human organism, he has worked for over a decade to explore and understand the processes of fungal growth and metabolism from spore to fruitbody.

As laboratory director for the largest exotic mushroom grower in the US, Clint implemented industry leading protocols for fungal preservation and evaluation, developed novel nutraceutical products, and lead research into the scalable commercial cultivation of some of the more elusive and challenging medicinal mushroom species.

Following an arrest for psilocybin mushrooms in 2019, Clint has had the opportunity to explore community building projects such as psychedelic churches, nonprofit advocacy, open sourcing mycology, and private/Co-Operative models for the application of mycology.


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