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Jun 7, 2019



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I went to meet Rafael at his place for a conversation that was both fun and educational. I'm pretty sure we solved all of the problems of the world here. The conversation is a wide-ranging one, from drugs, altered states, the healing process, therapy, somatic-based healing vs. cognitive therapy, diversity, inclusion, and how to heal trauma on an individual level as well as both of our opinions about healing on a collective (societal level), respecting differences, creating connections and communities and much much more...

Rafael is one of the wisest and kindest people I've met since moving to Denver. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did. Thanks.

Rafael Lancelotta Bio:

Rafael is a graduate from the University of Wyoming in Mental Health Counseling. He has worked as a wilderness therapy guide with adolescents and young adults experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges. He has also worked as a counselor at the Behavioral Health Services unit of a psychiatric hospital treating severe and persistent mental illness and medically supervised drug and alcohol detox. He has worked on several research projects studying the epidemiology of 5-MeO-DMT use in the global population and is also the administrator of, an online forum dedicated to hosting community discussions on harm reduction, integration, and safe practices around 5-MeO-DMT use. He is interested in the use of psychedelics paired with therapy for increased resiliency, mental health, and openness. He believes that the counseling relationship is essential to deepen, enhance, and actualize the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy. He is passionate about finding ways to make psychedelic-assisted therapies available to all those who may benefit from it as well as helping to raise awareness as to responsible clinical applications of psychedelics/entheogens.


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