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Nov 18, 2017

This could be a huge messy disaster, but I’m throwing it out there anyway, because why not? 

This is a solocast. A Thinking Out Loud-Cast if you will,  or maybe just the ranting and ramblings of a madman. This started off with me trying to capture a moment of insight and inspiration. But, I def went off on some tangents and left some things out that I felt were important. So, I went to record an intro to fill the holes, and Of course, I couldn’t confine myself to a 15 min intro and it went on for an hour instead. So, I decided to make this an extremely long 2 part podcast. I threw in some tunes as well. Hope you enjoy and Please let me know what you think. Thanks : )

Intermission Song: Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

Outro Song: Let It Happen by Tame Impala


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