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Sep 28, 2021

You are going to love this episode. Lacey Free is a BOSS. Lacey talks about her journey transmuting her trauma into magical superpowers. She is a shadow witch, galactic midwife, holographic healer, erotic herbalist, birth doula, death doula and host of Hoar Pod (which has the best intro I've ever heard)  Her website is a portal to a cornucopia of magical offerings. We talk about  resurrecting the divine feminine from the underworld,  the sacred whore, healing the masculine, neuroplascticty, reprograming trauma, jumping timelines,  not knowing anything, the media, sexuality, abuse, collective trauma, energy, healing with herbs, nature, death, transmuting pain, and so much more. I can't wait to talk to Lacey again. 

From Laceys Website: " I’m Lacey. I am the darkness and the light. I rose out of trauma by learning to read all the energies in the room. My purpose became my protection. I morphed into a poet and holographic healer to save myself. I am a modern day madam and sex work enthusiast. Being a witch is in my blood.

I thought I could never be a healer because I am not fully healed, but then I realized no healer “heals” another being. Healers just hold safe space and resources for another being to heal themself.

I am here to hold safe space. I am here to offer plant and herb resources. I am here to invoke the jumping of timelines and travel of dimensions.I am here to wake the Galactic. I am here for the Galactic to wake me."



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